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George Hugh Engineering Bursary


Only a few weeks after I began as the Head Teacher of Brechin High School in the spring of 2014 I had a visitor. He explained that his name was George Hugh and an ex-pupil of Brechin High School who, after a long career in Engineering and a range of other industries, wanted to give something back to the young people of his old school. George offered to set up a bursary with £100 000 in order to support one Brechin High pupil each year who was entering university to study any kind of engineering. Although some of my colleagues in Angus Council thought it was a hoax George returned a couple of days later with a cheque for the whole amount. 

The two conditions set by George are that the young person is likely to graduate with an engineering degree and that the money will be of definite financial benefit. Following an application and interview process one young person receives the bursary for their first year at university. The bursary is currently £2000 paid in four instalments. To date 5 young people have benefitted from George Hugh’s generosity. 


Mr Bathgate, Head Teacher.





Trust and Respect,