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Anti-Bullying Group

Brechin High School’s Anti-Bullying Group have created videos for Anti-Bullying Week 2020.

“We decided to make the videos and have them shared every day of Anti-Bullying Week to all first period classes. We thought this would be the best way to make an impact on the entire school."

- Thomas Jordan & Rachel Talbot.

The group consists of five S3 students - Rachel Talbot, Thomas Jordan, Robbie Burke, Mattea Chalmers, and Eloise Seaman (Who was inspired to join after watching the videos from Anti-Bullying Week).

Rachel and Thomas feature in the videos, with Thomas also editing and producing them. 

The Anti-Bullying Group came together towards the end of 2018 as a part of a larger initiative, Angus’s ThinkB4YouType Campaign for students from across Angus. The campaign was youth led, and aimed to tackle the problem of online bullying. It was very successful. Campaigners made recommendations to Angus Council which directly led them to change their Anti-Bullying Policy.

Brechin students visited the Scottish Parliament to present the campaign, and even helped launch the toolkit nationally.

Thomas Jordan, Jan 2021


Anti-Bullying Week: Fridays Video - Cyberbullying

Anti-Bullying Week: Thursday's Video -


Anti-Bullying Week: Wednesday's Video - The Impact of Bullying


Anti-Bullying Week: Tuesday's Video - The Types of Bullying


Anti-Bullying Week: Monday's Video - Introduction to Anti-Bullying






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