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School Uniform

An important aspect of the culture of Brechin High School is the uniform. Pupils show their pride in the school by wearing school uniform.  School uniform is simple and practical. It is no more expensive than other kinds of clothing. All pupils are expected to wear school uniform in school and on educational visits. 

All clothes and equipment should be marked with the pupil’s name. Every year, clothing, school bags and PE kit which have been lost in the school cannot be returned because there is no way of identifying the owner!

A reminder of the school uniform for Brechin High School is:  

  • Black shoes

  • Black trousers or skirt  

  • White shirt or blouse  

  • Black cardigan, V-neck sweater or plain black sweatshirt  

  • School tie (ties are available from the school office at a cost of £5. Seniors can also purchase a senior tie)  

  • Blue blazer (blazers for all year groups can be ordered at www.academyuniformsmpc.com)

  • The school can help with fitting to ensure the correct size is ordered and if anyone is having trouble accessing the internet we can also help with the order itself.


It should also be noted that no pupil should wear tracksuit bottoms, black jeans or leggings without a skirt to school.


We want pupils to view school as coming to their place of work so we can help them to achieve their best and prepare them for moving on to employment. 


It had been highlighted to us from parents and pupils that finding alternative clothing to jeans was problematic; we have sourced various shops and prices which sells alternatives such as skinny school trousers. 


                                   2 Pack of shirts   Skinny trousers (boys and girls)    Skirts

Next                                     £9                                    £11                              £9

Marks and Spencer          £11                                   £11                              £9

Asda                                    £5                                    £5                                £6

Tesco                                   £5                                    £7                                £6

Matalan                              £7                                   £10                               £6

If you have any questions about purchasing uniform prior to the new term in August, please do not hesitate to contact us. 






Trust and Respect,