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Study Leave 2023

SQA Exam Timetable 2023 


Study Leave 2023

 As with 2022, there is no official study leave in Angus this year. Each school has been asked to make arrangements that best support its senior pupils. In Brechin, recognising that our young people are not all the same, we would like to offer the following:

If the young person works best from home, they can have an extended period of exam leave from Tuesday 2nd May to Wednesday 31st May returning on Thursday 1st June when exams end. They can also be excused from attending school on the day before any examination which falls outside this period.

If the young person works best in the disciplined setting of school, they can attend throughout the exam period following their timetable each day receiving direct support from their teachers.

Again, as with previous years, we intend to offer a day of revision with subject staff prior to each exam. This additional support can make a significant difference to the young person’s exam performance with almost all who take part seeing their result improve by a full band from previous results. A programme showing which days are allocated for pre-exam study is attached.

To help prevent any unnecessary truancy calls it would be helpful to know which option your child will be following. As with current practice, can you please contact the school office on 01356237100 or brechinhigh@angusschools.org.uk on any day your child will not be attending school.

 A. Bathgate

Head Teacher





Trust and Respect,