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Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2023

As part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, The Angus Training Group are hosting open days from the 7th of March until the 10th of March. Groups of 12 (2 groups of 6) are invited to attend; please focus on students that are interested in a career in engineering.
Attendees will be given a tour of the workshop from a current apprentice while the workshop is live. They will explain what processes are being carried out and can answer any questions your students may have.
This is a great opportunity for any potential applicants to get an insight into what a day at the Training Group involves.
The tour will take roughly between 45 minutes to an hour.
Please reply if you think you'd have some interest, and we will arrange a date and time slot for your groups.
Thank you.
Best Regards,
Joe Spink
E-mail: joe@atgltd.co.uk
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