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 The Angus Health and Social Care Partnership have commissioned two new services for Angus:

The Angus Suicide Prevention and Support Service is provided by Penumbra and is available to all adults living in Angus who experience thoughts of suicide or who may have attempted suicide. Support is also available for family members, carers or friends of adults experiencing suicidal thoughts. The service is designed to offer assessment of individual need, provide support and interventions that promote safety, wellbeing and recovery. Information, guidance and signposting regarding suicide prevention will also be provided.

This is a Monday to Friday 9-5 service. To access support please contact:

Free phone 0800 135 7899 or email: aspss@penumbra.org.uk

 Click here to see details of all the services Penumbra offer.

The Angus Adult Bereaved by Suicide Service is available to any adult living in Angus who has been impacted through by being bereaved by suicide and is provided by Insight Counselling.

The service offers adult one-to-one or adult family support to adults who have been impacted by being bereaved by suicide. It recognises that everyone’s experience is unique and needs vary from person to person and as such offers support, counselling and signposting based on individual need. Anyone can make a referral for Angus residents.

This is a Monday to Friday Service.

Contact: Insight Counselling, Number Ten, 10 Constitution Road, Dundee, DD1 1LL. Telephone: 01382 305706 or email: receptionist@insightcounselling.org.uk.

Website: www.insightcanhelp.org.uk





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