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Health Improvement

Principal Teacher | Mr Dave Vernon

Faculty Overview

  • Mrs Tracey Irving (Physical Education)
  • Mr Gordon Shepherd (Physical Education)
  • Mr Ian Robertson (Physical Education)
  • Miss Aimee McLaggan (Home Economics)
  • Mrs Kirsty Johnstone (Home Economics)
  • Mrs Annie Shand (Home Economics)
  • Vacancy (Active Schools Coordinator)

Curriculum Overview

Physical Education


S1-3 Core PE

Pupils undertake a variety of activities throughout the year including netball, football, rugby, fitness, cross country, badminton and volleyball.
The yearly schedule is planned using the Curriculum for Excellence Health and Wellbeing Experiences and Outcomes -


Assessment is based around The Physical Education Benchmarks below;

S3 - Along with Core PE pupils can choose the following courses;

Enhancement PE - Pupils complete a mix of theory and practical to prepare them for completing National 5 PE the following year. Topics include ‘Factors Impacting Performance’ and ‘Performance Skills’

Elective PE - The course is split into 3 blocks, a ‘Sports Education’ Block that develops leadership through PE, a ‘Fitness and Health’ block that provides an opportunity to experience different methods of keeping fit and a ‘Performance Development’ block where pupils can choose the sports in which they would like to train and improve in.


Senior Certificate PE

National 4 - National 5 - Higher - Advanced Higher

The senior phase certificate PE courses are available at a variety of levels. All are a mix of practical and theory based on ‘The Factors that Impact Performance’. Pupils are able to choose the activities in which they are practically marked and theory assessments vary from a Portfolio (Nat 5), an exam (Higher) and a project (Advanced Higher).


Senior Elective Courses


- Sports Leaders

A course that is an equivalent to National 5. The qualification is designed to use sport and physical activity to help young people develop and hone their leadership skills whilst helping themselves and others stay physically active. Pupils will complete a booklet along with leading sport in school, in the Brechin Primaries and during extra curricular clubs.


- Fitness and Health

Pupils will undertake this course who want to develop their overall fitness and health. Personalised training
programmes will be made, with a variety of options available, including strength sessions.

Home Economics BGE

***As part of their preparation for lessons, pupils are expected to provide a suitable container in which to take their food home***

S1 and S2 - All pupils will have one period per week, alternating between Demonstration/Theory and Practical Cookery.

In S2 there will also be a short block of time spent on Textile Technology when pupils will produce a scarf.

S3- All pupils choosing Home Economics will have two periods per week- one Demonstration/ Theory and one Practical.

Hospitality NAT 4/5

All pupils choosing Hospitality will have 5 Periods per week.

There will be a double period for Practical where the pupils will prepare and cook either a starter, savoury or sweet dish. Every third week they will make 2 dishes.

One period will be used for preparing for the practical class, with the remaining periods used for Time Planning and Theory.

Cooking on a Budget

This course is designed for those moving onto Higher or Further Education Accommodation.

It includes one period of Practical and another where dishes are demonstrated and costings done to show nutritious meals can be made quickly and cheaply.





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