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Expressive and Performing Arts

Principal Teacher Ms Jackson (Music)

Deadlines and SQA Exam Dates 2019/2020

Faculty Overview

Art and Design

  • Mrs Gilmour
  • Mrs Hutchison
  • Mrs Lyon



  • Mrs Lynch
  • Ms Mcvey 


  • Ms Gilmour

Instrumental Music Instructors

  • Mrs Henry (Brass)
  • Mrs Jones (Guitar)
  • Mrs Judge (Strings)
  • Mr Judge (Drum Kit and Percussion)

Curriculum Overview

Broad General Education

In S1-3 students are offered a wide range of experiences and opportunities.

The curriculum is set in S1 and S2, and in Expressive Arts all students study Art and Design, Drama, and Music. There are further choices in S3, with the offer of Architectural Studies (Art and Design) and Music Technology.

Senior Phase



E-Resources and Revision

Music -


Drama -


Photograpy (Higher) -

Extra-Curricular (Music and Drama)

  • Monday Lunchtimes - Orchestra
  • Tuesday Lunchtimes - Choir and Rock Band
  • Wednesday Lunchtimes - Chamber Orchestra and Show Rehearsals
  • Thursday Lunchtimes - Percussion Ensemble, Brass Ensemble and Amati Strings
  • Thursdays, After School - Show Rehearsals Friday After School - Guitar Ensemble and Show Rehearsals


The annual School Show -

This year's production is of 'Beauty and the Beast Jr.'

Dates:  31st March, 1st and 2nd April 2020.








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