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Curriculum Rationale

Our curriculum, driven by our vision, values and aim, with personalisation, choice and challenge at its heart, is planned and delivered with partners to equip all of our young people with the knowledge and skills that will lead to a positive destination, enhancing their lives, our community and our world.

A useful summary of the extensive documentation and guidance provided on the Scottish Curriculum can be found at https://scotlandscurriculum.scot 

What we mean by ‘curriculum’: All the learning which is planned and guided by the school, whether it is carried out in groups or individually, inside or outside the school.

At Brechin High School we recognise that while the curriculum must meet both national (see Appendix 1 for a curriculum framework) and local policy and have the school’s values, vision and aim (see appendix 2) at its centre, it must also be flexible enough to respond to the needs of our own young people and Brechin’s own unique situation.  With this in mind, the following is an outline of Brechin High school’s curriculum for 2019/20.

Access the full Curriculum Rationale 2020/21





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