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The Literacy Team is composed of both teaching and non-teaching staff, and we believe we are stronger for this. Our chair is Mr Colquhoun of the English Dept.

The aim of the Literacy Team is to embed a sustainable ‘Culture of Reading’ in all aspects of learning and teaching at Brechin High School, with improved attainment across all year groups our ultimate goal.

Drawing on robust research into the socio-economic benefits of reading, we champion ‘Reading for Pleasure’, focusing on the positive ‘Health and Wellbeing’ outcomes gained from students’ reading of fiction specifically; that’s to say, improved empathy and emotional intelligence.

Learning to Learn. We support ‘Literacy across Learning’, promoting the importance of ‘Information and Critical Literacy’ in students’ learning; the ability to read critically, and at depth – effective information handling, including skilled sourcing, evaluating, citing of texts, etc. – that, through such aspirations to scholarship, students might gain transferable skills, subject knowledge, and understanding.

Our outcomes are mapped against the Brechin High School Improvement Plan, and specific action points include weekly Literacy Classes for the S1/S2 cohort, our in-house Prêt-à-Lire reading scheme – with high impact celebration of student success on social media platforms - , delivering literacy-based learning with our Patron of Reading - author, Victoria Williamson - , author visits, and the rollout of school-wide reading events such as DEARs, Daily5, and ‘Silence en Lit!

We steer a staff reading drive which includes high profile ‘Reading Doors’ and social media campaign -  using the tag #ImReading – the objective of which is for adults to model ‘Reading for Pleasure’ for our students. Parental engagement, a major influencer on student success, is also a key target.

We understand the importance of keeping good grammar first and foremost in students’ minds, and our new ‘Literacy Focus’ poster/film campaign has gained agency, and sustained momentum with the establishment of a cross-curricular Literacy Faculty.

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