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I am proud to introduce myself as the Head Teacher of Brechin High School. 

In Brechin we believe that culture and ethos are fundamental to all learning and achievement. This is seen in the way we practice our school values of Friendliness, Achievement, Inclusion, Trust & respect and Honesty. We really do try to live our values and embed them in every area of school life.

Our aim is that Brechin High is recognised as a centre for excellence in wellbeing and learning. As a community, we work hard to achieve this and ensure that each individual fulfils their potential. We have high expectations of all our young people and work hard to provide a learning environment that nurtures the aspirations and talents of individuals.

Fiona Lawrence | Head Teacher

Ad Altiora - To Higher Things

Our school welcomes and encourages diversity and individuality,
while emphasizing our common commitment to moral values such as honesty,
respect for others, compassion and justice.

It is a fundamental principle of our school that all who are involved in the life of our school both has the right to be respected as individuals and carry the responsibility to act in a considerate and respectful manner towards others. We implement the Council policy for Equal Opportunities and Racial equality and ensure that all pupils have access to the full range of educational experiences available within the resources of the school. We are firmly committed to the elimination of any form of discrimination
on the grounds of race, religion, gender or disability.

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Trust and Respect,