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Senior Phase 

Developing Leadership in Senior School

Here at Brechin High School we want our students to have a respect for learning. We want our students to think more deeply, skilfully and be able to apply knowledge in a range of contexts to enable them to become successful learners, responsible citizens, effective contributors and confident individuals.
Building the Curriculum 4 outlines the key messages about how young people develop and apply skills. At Brechin High School we actively seek opportunities for our young people to develop skills for life, work and learning. In particular we endeavour to build leadership skills in all pupils with a particular focus on S6.
Roles and responsibilities of S6 pupils
Developing leadership in our senior school students is vital to our continuous improvement as a school and community. It is the expectation that all S6 students are regarded as student leaders and all take responsibility for different aspects of leadership within senior school.

This may include the following:

  • Attendance and engagement in the S6 leadership training days 

• Completion of Saltire Volunteering Hours Form (Hyperlink pending) which includes additional activities such as event planning, lunch duty, support classes etc.
• Attendance and engagement with events out with school hours e.g. parents’ evenings, school dances etc.
• Attendance and engagement with other whole school projects e.g. peer mediation, peer mentoring etc
• Contributing to whole school and senior school events such as Burns Night, Hallowe’en discos etc.
• To act as role models for other pupils and uphold our school values







Trust and Respect,