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Angus Council

Welcome to Brechin High School

As part of our growing commitment to make effective use of ICT, the new Brechin High School site has been completely revamped. With our new site, we are able to reach out to our community and improve communication between staff, pupils and their families. It's this kind of link through our community that forms the backbone of what we believe in at Brechin High School.

We strongly believe that a pupil will gain maximum benefit from education where there is a genuine partnership between the pupil, the family and the school staff and where there is regular participation in the life of the wider community.

Every effort is made to make Brechin High School an encouraging and friendly school where teachers, students and parents work together to offer all pupils productive and valuable learning experiences. Clearly our efforts aim to extend beyond the classroom environment and we require your co-operation and support in this effort.

At Brechin High School, we will encourage and support each individual to develop a sense of responsibility and to achieve his or her best through quality learning and teaching. Working together, we will equip our students to meet, in later years, their responsibilities to themselves, their families and communities. Once again, thank you
for choosing to visit our web site and thank you for your interest in Brechin High School.

Steve Dempsey
Head Teacher





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